Caslon football news

Well done to our football team who won both their games in the latest round of Halesowen Primary League fixtures. A hat-trick from Charlie in the first game helped us to a 3-1 victory. Another goal from Charlie in our final game and a well taken goal from Tom resulted in another well earned win.

Caslon’s Polar Day 


Message from Dr Jenny Watson:
“Well done all the staff and students at Caslon Primary Community school for carrying out Polar Science experiments all day today! There was a real buzz throughtout school and children talking about science in the corridors and over lunch!
After a whole-school assembly about exploring the polar regions the children spent the whole day doing hands on experiments. Reception and Year 1 compared ice cubes to other materials (such as wood cubes, sugar cubes, polystyrene and glass marbles), designed Plasticine and ‘junk’ boats and found out whether different fruits floated in fresh or salty water. Year 1, 2 and 5 measured how the sea level changed as icecaps melted. Year 3 and 6 investigated how humans and animals keep warm (insulated cups). Year 6 also enjoyed blubber gloves and planning an expedition.  Year 4 designed boats and made divers. Year 5 made chromatography atmosphere pictures, investigated still and sparkling water, watched seashells dissolving and either made a poster or measured how glaciers have changed.