Caslon School Council

School Councils are democracy in action, a student council is an official group of students elected to represent their classmates in discussions about school issues with the headteacher and staff.

School councils play a crucial role in providing students with a platform to express their opinions and ensure that their voices are heard in decisions that affect them. By participating in the council, students can develop leadership skills, advocate for the student body, problem-solve, and positively impact their school community.

The Caslon School Council is dedicated to identifying areas for improvement within the school and collaboratively finding solutions. Through open discussions and voting on ideas, the council works towards implementing positive changes to enhance the school environment. Key qualities of a successful School Councillor include effective communication, active listening, trustworthiness, and reliability. At Caslon, Class Councillors are elected through a democratic process where students present their reasons for candidacy, followed by a class vote to determine the representatives. School councillors play a vital role in supporting students, teachers, and school leaders in creating a more positive and inclusive school environment.

Members of the Council from years two to six got a feel for democracy when they visited the Council Chamber on Tuesday 10th.

The pupils were given a tour of the Civic Suite and chambers and met with the Mayor of Dudley, Cllr Andrea Goddard. The experience helped give the children a better understanding of how local democracy and decision-making works.

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A very warm welcome to Caslon Primary Community School - Including Beecher Bear Daycare and Nursery, Beech Tree (SEMH Base) and Tree Acre Early Years Inclusion Hub.
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