Welcome to Reception class page.

Reception class is taught by Mrs Patel and Miss Jackson The children are supported by Mrs Canning, Miss Wright and Mrs Alshamery.

Morning sessions arrangements

At 8:40 bring pupils through bottom playground.  They will be staying for lunch. Collect pupils from school office at 12:45.

Afternoon session’s arrangements

Bring pupils to classroom via school office at 1:00 and wait to collect them on the bottom playground at 3:00pm. Class teacher will bring them out

Letters and Sounds

  • Daily teaching programme in groups of approximately 8-10.
  • Puts foundations of reading in place through teaching sounds, blending and segmenting.
  • We use ‘Jolly Phonics’ actions to teach the initial sounds.
  •  New sounds are taught daily and simple words are read.
  • A variety of Oxford Reading Tree Books are used to reinforce learning and give opportunity for pupils to apply their skills.
  • Letter formation rhymes are taught to help children learn to form letters correctly from the very beginning.

Home Reading

  • Every child has a weekly reading book (when teacher deems they are ready) linked to their stage in Letters and Sounds – which they shall be able to read supported by an adult.
    • Parent home/school book to write comments in.
    • Increase number of books as child learns to read.
    • Books will be changed once child has read book 3 times and reading record has been signed 3 times by a parent.
    • Guided Reading Groups take place once a week for children whose skills are rapidly developing.
    • Children whose skills are emerging will be heard to read on a one-to-one.


  • Physical development is part of the whole week:
    • Dough gym
    • Outdoor play
    • Adventure playground
    • Equipment
    • Use of scissors

PE session days

– See school uniform policy

– Earrings must be taken out – Dudley LA policy.

– Compulsory involvement



Healthy Lunches

Part of our responsibility as a school is to educate our pupils about health and wellbeing.

Providing you child with healthy lunchbox:

  • Sandwich/similar
  • Fruit
  • Dairy
  • 1 treat
  • Healthy drink

Free Dinner Options:

School sandwiches  – cheese, ham, tuna or egg

Jacket Potato – choice of fillings

Hot dinner – halal, vegetarian or vegan option available

Packed Lunch – from home.

School dinners are FREE until the end of Year 2.

Water bottles should be brought to school daily.

Click below to download our Parents Booklet:

Reception Parents Booklet

Reception yearly overview