Welcome to Reception class page.

Reception class is taught by Miss Howard. The children are supported by Mrs Cove.

Home Reading

  • Every child has a weekly reading book (when teacher deems they are ready) linked to their stage in Letters and Sounds – which they shall be able to read supported by an adult.
    • Parent home/school book to write comments in.
    • Increase number of books as child learns to read.
    • Books will be changed once child has read book 3 times and reading record has been signed 3 times by a parent.
    • Guided Reading Groups take place once a week for children whose skills are rapidly developing.
    • Children whose skills are emerging will be heard to read on a one-to-one.


  • Physical development is part of the whole week:
    • Dough gym
    • Outdoor play
    • Adventure playground
    • Equipment
    • Use of scissors

PE session days

– See school uniform policy

– Earrings must be taken out – Dudley LA policy.

– Compulsory involvement

Healthy Lunches

Part of our responsibility as a school is to educate our pupils about health and wellbeing.

Providing you child with healthy lunchbox:

  • Sandwich/similar
  • Fruit
  • Dairy
  • 1 treat
  • Healthy drink

Free Dinner Options:

School sandwiches  – cheese, ham, tuna or egg

Jacket Potato – choice of fillings

Hot dinner – halal, vegetarian or vegan option available

Packed Lunch – from home.

School dinners are FREE until the end of Year 2.

Water bottles should be brought to school daily.

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