Welcome to the year 3 class page

Class Teacher: Mrs Vale    

Welcome to our class page. Here you will find all of the information that you need to know about our class as well as any exciting news about what we have been getting up to in class.

Religious Education

At Caslon Primary Community School, we follow the Dudley Agreed Syllabus.

The content which will be covered in Year 3 is as follows;

  • What did Jesus teach?
  • Can we treat animals just as we like?
  • How can Christianity influence the lives of people?
  • Is there a heaven?
  • Who was Muhammad?
  • What rules should we live by?

RSE Curriculum in Year 3

Click to view Caslon PSHE and RSE Curriculum in Year 3

Reading at Caslon is just as important as ever and we are keen to get all our children back into loving books and sharing stories at home too!  

For reading in year 3 we will be using a fantastic new online reading scheme called BUG CLUB.  

Every child will have their own log in and their very own online library of books to read which matches their reading age. This can be accessed both at home and at school. 

BUG CLUB also provides quizzes which will help assess your child’s reading ability. These are monitored by their teacher. As parents, you can listen to your child read by selecting their reading book from their online library.  

BUG CLUB will also be used for guided reading sessions in school. 

Don’t forget, your child can also read their own books from home – or any other reading materials they can get their hands on! 

Read Write Inc.
At Caslon we use the Read Write Inc. program to develop children’s phonics skills. Read Write Inc. teaches children to read accurately and fluently. It supports children in recognising and reading sounds and then reading these sounds within words, forming letters and spelling correctly. Read Write Inc. enables children to progress from reading sounds and words through to sentences and stories.
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