Caslon School Council

“I enjoy being deputy secretary because I like to do things that help the school and the people within the school”

Ella, Deputy Secretary

Pupil voice is highly regarded at Caslon. One of the ways pupils can express their ideas is via the School Council. The purpose of our School Council is to encourage children to get involved in issues that concern them in and around school. The council is made up of 2 pupils from each class, from Year 1 to Year 6. The Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary are then voted for by the elected members of the School Council.

“I enjoy being the chair of the school council I am a good leader and enjoy helping others”

Zak, Chairperson

The School Council meets every month to discuss issues and ideas raised by the children and their classes to help improve our school even further. 

“I love being deputy head chairperson I am determined to make the school a better place for everyone”

Ryan, Deputy Chairperson

Our Aim

Our aim as school council is to be the voice and the link between Caslon Primary pupils, staff and the wider school community

Our Objectives

  1. To give pupils the opportunity to share their opinions and ideas about the school.
  2. To improve our school together
  3. To develop ideas and make decisions that will benefit our school.
  4. To be the link between Caslon pupils, staff, governors and the wider school community.

I am good at being the School Council Secretary because I am very organised and want to make the school a better place.

Ruby, School Council Secretary
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