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We have been instructed to close the school to almost all children until further notice. Apologies for this long post but the seriousness of this situation keeps on escalating, especially following Friday night’s announcement of new closures of restaurants, pubs etc. We are expecting more measures to be announced as we continue throughout the week.
There has been real confusion over the role of schools and how we should stay open for some children during this time of national emergency. The key message from the government and the local authority came out last night: IF A CHILD CAN STAY AT HOME – THEY MUST. We will be providing critical childcare for children of key workers when there is NO OTHER OPTION for them. If there is anyone at home who can look after them, even if they are home-working, they MUST look after them. If there is another parent, who is not living at home, but able to look after th/eir child – THIS MUST HAPPEN. Many of my staff are either working from home due to health conditions or are following the 14 day self-isolation rule. This is only going to increase over time. I MUST PROTECT MY STAFF – there will be a skeleton structure in place from this week, with staff placed in ‘teams’ on a rota basis. We will also need staff to be on standby in the event of others falling ill.
We have to keep the numbers as low as possible, otherwise we are compromising safety and risking infection. I am in constant contact with my staff as even if we are not physically in school, we are working remotely from home. Any childcare provided is only for the days the adult is contracted and not for anything else, if your work then closes during this period, then you do not qualify as a key worker and I ask you notify me straight away. If you have to self-isolate then the childcare must be stopped immediately and you must apply the 14 day rule.

If your situation changes at all, then I ask please you contact me via either dojo, or the mobile number 07572 679423.

Mrs Holden-Gough

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