Welcome to the Year Six class page

Class Teacher: Miss Billigham                      Teaching Assistant: Mrs Barker

Welcome to our class page. Here you will find all of the information that you need to know about our class as well as any exciting news about what we have been getting up to in class.

Click here to see an overview of the curriculum in year 6.

Forest school

As part of your learning this year every class will be participating in forest school every week with Mrs Root. The children will need long trousers, long sleeved top, wellies or walking boots and a coat. If your child has morning slot, they need to come ready for forest school and bring their uniform to get changed into.


This is the outline of what homework year 6 will be bringing home, the date it needs to be returned by and where they need to complete their homework.

Mondays – Grammar/Punctuation activity

Your child will be given a grammar or punctuation worksheet to complete. Please ensure they complete the questions on the sheet and put their names on. They are to hand it in on Wednesday.

Tuesdays – Spelling practice

In your child’s planner, you will find the spellings that they need to know by the end of year 6. Every Tuesday, they will identify in their planner the spellings they need to learn by circling them. They will be tested the following Monday. Any they get right, they will highlight. Therefore, when you refer to the spelling lists on pages 31-36, you will know that any highlighted words are the ones they can spell, and any not highlighted but circled are ones they aren’t able to spell. Please help your child practise these ready for their test on Mondays. This will start from 9th October now that we have tested the children and grouped them accordingly.

Wednesday – Reading

Please ensure your child has a good quality reading session at home in which they are questioned about their book. Sometimes they will be given a comprehension or reading activity to complete and hand in on Friday. Planners will be checked on Friday for reading evidence too.

Thursday – Maths

Your child will bring home an activity linked to what we have been doing in class. Please ensure they

complete the questions on the sheet and put their names on. They are to hand it in on Monday.

Friday – What’s in the news?

Over the weekend we are encouraging the children to keep up to date with current news. Each Friday they will be set a task of finding out something from the news. This could be local, national or global. They are to complete this in their homework books and hand their books in on Monday so we can start the week by sharing the news together. NB Please get your child to practise their times tables – even if you think they know them. Please practise inverse sums too (36 divided by 3 12).

Books changed: As required by the pupil

ICT Lesson: Friday afternoon

Topic this term: Ancient Greece

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