Caslon Primary Community School

Head Boy – Dylan Year 6

“Hello, my name is Dylan and I am head boy. I like my role because sometimes I get to do specialĀ tasks, such as the time we had to help collect pupils for their flu vaccinations. I love helping children on the playground and in class. This is the best job for me because I can make a difference in school to other children who may be arguing or be hurt for example”.

Head Girl – Leah Year 6

“Hi, I am Leah and I am head girl at Caslon. My role in school is to help others out. This can be showing visitors around the school to helping the teacher and pupils. I try to be a good role model by always wearing the correct uniform, being well mannered to everyone and working hard in class. My books are outstanding and I take great pride in my work. These are the reasons I am head girl and I am proud!”

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